Events & Trainings

TAMPA(Tamil Nadu Medical Practitioners Association)

Continued Medical Education(CME), is organized at LIMA on 1st Sunday of every month headed by Dr. C.M.K Reddy and secretary Dr. M. Govalan. The TAMPA journals are published by Dr. H. Yuvaraj Gupta on behalf of Tamil Nadu Medical Practitioners’ Association.

MISTI(Minimally Invasive Surgical Training Institute)

MISTI was started in the year 2012 to train general surgeons and gynaecologists in laparoscopic procedures. The training includes classroom sessions, endo training, theater sessions and animal lab. MISTI also provides a lifetime membership to the trainees, wherein they can attend workshops and assist animal lab programs even after the course is complete. Dr. J.S Rajkumar and Dr. Neha Shah are the directors and the key faculties of MISTI. So far, MISTI has trained more than three hundred surgeons to become experts in Laparoscopy.

upcoming events

A Mega CME & Family Get-Together program, on the occassion of 27th Anniversary of TAMPA & 7th Anniversary of IMA-AMS

Sunday, 29th January 2017 at Hotel Saovar Portico(Abu Palace), P.H road, Chennai-600084


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