Dr. Nithin, Periodontologist and Oral Implantologist – Latest Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Nithin Selvakumar

B.D.S., M.D.S.

Dr. Nithin Selvakumar is an experienced Periodontist and Oral Implantologist with key expertise in non surgical management of periodontal disease and placement of dental implants in periodontally and medically compromised patients. He is also trained in hard and soft tissue lasers from world clinical laser institute, U.S.A.


Languages known - Tamil, English

Academic Qualification


Master’s in Dental surgery (Periodontology and Oral Implantology)
SRM Dental College, Chennai

Thesis: Comparison of the effect of varying concentrations of Zinc Oxide on the surface of S.L.A structured titanium implants in a human osteoblast cell line culture- An In-vitro study
Dissertation: Role of Implants surface modification on Osseointegration, done at I.I.T, Madras.

March 2011

Bachelor’s in Dental surgery
SRM Dental College, Chennai

Oct 2012

Certified Dental Implantologist
Academy of Continuing Dental Education

Jun 2012 (Lifetime Membership)

Healthcare Provider-Basic Life support
American Heart Association

Jul 2010

Associate Fellowship in Laser Surgery
World Clinical Laser Institute
Professional Registration and Membership

Lifetime Member

Dental Council of India (DCI)
Registration Number- 14972

Lifetime member

Indian Dental Association (IDA)
Membership no- 89674

Lifetime member

World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI)

President (2016- 2017)

Lion's International
Membership no - 4292259
Work Experience

2012 – 2015

Post Graduate Resident, Dept. of Periodontology & Oral Implantology
SRM Dental College, Chennai.

Sep 2011 – Aug 2012

Clinical Assistant
Bethesda Tooth Conservation Centre


Locum (Independent charge)
Kids and Teenz Paediatric Dental Clinic


Locum (Independent charge)
Bethesda Tooth Conservation Center

Mar 2010 – Mar 2011

Locum (Independent charge)
Chinthamani Dental Clinic


Part of the team that placed Zygomatic implant in Papiilon Lefever syndrome (PLS)

This implant was placed to the youngest patient in the world, diagnosed with Papiilon Lefever syndrome (PLS).


Working on enhancing implant surfaces through nano level semiconductor coating
IIT Madras


Working in two projects with key emphasis on Osteoblastic cell activity
IIT Madras
Positions Held


Consultant Periodontist
Rajan Dental Institute, Chennai


Consultant Periodontist and Implantologist
Life Line Hospital Chennai
Sceintific Presentations


Rosuvastatin and Nano Zinc Oxide on Human Osteoblast Proliferation in Vitro Study
Annual World Dental Congress, FDI , New Delhi

This paper focussed on the usage of Rosuvastatin and its effect on Osteoblastic with Zinc
Oxide as a positive control.


Controversies in Implants PERIOCODIA
Thaimoogambigai Dental College

Paper focussed on the usage of Basal system of implants in severely resorbed ridges
compared to conventional implants and bone augmentation therapy.


Management of Soft Tissue Neoplastic Surgery on Esthetic Zone Periobytes
SRM University, Kattankulathur.

This paper was a case report on the management of Soft tissue Neoplasm which had occurred in Esthetic Zone and was managed surgically by Parker’s technique of Pedical graft.

Oct 2013

38th ISP National Conference held at SreeGokulam convention Center, Kochi.

This paper focussed on usage of Lipid mediators in the resolution of acute inflammation.

Sep 2013

'Perio-pathogenesis 2013 Update'
SRM dental college

This poster focussed on the molecular basis of diagnostics for periodontal disease


'Perio interactions'
5th edition CDE, Saveetha Dental College

This poster focussed on RESOLVINS in the resolution of Periodontal disease

Sep 2012

Key Perio-Pathogens at Endo-Perio Interface
SRM Dental College

This paper focused on the Perio-pathogenesis and its involvement in Endodontically involved
cases and their treatment outcome.


Various Techniques of Direct and Indirect Sinus Lifting

This paper focussed on indications and contra-indications of Sinus lifting with key emphasis on direct sinus lifting to enable immediate placement of implants.


Case presentation on Nasal Floor Elevation And Implant Placement
37th National Annual Conference Indian Society Of Periodontology, Shimla

This poster focused on case selection and treatment plan for a case of Generalised Chronic
Nasal floor elevation its indication contraindication and the need for implant

Jan 2011

Usage of honey and sugar solution as an effective medium for storage of avulsed teeth
23rd National Conference of ISDR, Chettinad Dental College, Chennai.

Awarded the best scientific poster at the 23rd ISDR National conference.
This poster highlighted the usage of honey and sugar solution as an effective medium to
preserve the avulsed tooth. This study was conducted at the Chennai Dental Research
Foundation and is an ongoing to prove the effectiveness of the mentioned media.

Dec 2010

Usage of honey and sugar solution as an effective medium for storage of avulsed teeth
1st U.G. Pedodontic convention held at Sree Balaji Dental College, Chennai.

This poster highlighted the usage of honey and sugar solution as an effective medium to
preserve the avulsed tooth. This study was conducted at the Chennai Dental Research
Foundation and is an ongoing research to prove the effectiveness of the mentioned media

23-24 Oct 2010

'Regenerative Endodontics'
Indian Dental Student Conference, Sathyabama Dental College, Chennai

This paper highlighted the concept of usage of stem cells the various procedures followed in
using the stem cells for the regeneration of pulp.

Dec 2009

'Invisible braces'
26th Annual Tamil Nadu State Dental conference, Madurai

Was judged best poster in “Lingual Orthodontics”
Reviewed the current concepts ,indications , contraindications, treatment protocols and lab
It highlighted the process of case selection for the procedure.

21-23 Nov 2008

Augmentation of bone in dental implants
Indian Dental Student Conference held in Belgaum, Karnataka

Different wall defects in a socket and the choice of graft materials available in the reconstruction of the defect.

Nov 2008

Immediate dental implants
Indian Dental Student Conference held in Belgaum, Karnataka

This highlighted the ideal candidates for immediate implants.

Conferences Attended


Annual World Dental Congress
FDI , New Delhi

21-22 June 2008

SPICE 2008
Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Porur, Chennai

21-23 November 2008

Indian Dental Student Conference held in Belgaum

Dec 13-14 2009

26th Annual Tamil Nadu State Dental conference

21-22 Nov 2009

5th TOMA Conference
Chettinad Dental College & Hospital, Chennai

Oct 23-24 2010

28th Tamil Nadu State Dental conference
Satyabama Dental College

4th Dec 2010

1st U.G. pedodontic convention
Balaji Dental College and Hospital, Chennai
PATHFINDER -1st State level CDE programme of IAPHD TN Chapter
S.R.M Dental College
Basic Life Support
SRM Dental College, Chennai


Raja Muthiah Dental College, Chidambaram
37th National Annual Conference Indian Society of Peridontology
Endo Perio Interface
SRM Dental College, Chennai
5th Rapid Review and Revision course in Periodontology
Sri Ramachandra University

Nov 2012

Dento Facial Aesthetic Rehabilitation
JICON, Pondicherry

Aug 2013

Immediate Loading implantology at the Residency
Insight to OsteoImmunology
Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai


SRM Dental College, Chennai
38th ISP National Conference


Perio bytes
SRM, Kattangulathur
Thaimoogambigai Dental college
6th Rapid review & revision course in Peridontology & Implantology
SRMU, Chennai

July 2014

International Congress of Oral Implantology
Understanding Peri Implant Diseases
SRM Dental College, Chennai
27th ISDR
Saveetha Dental College,Chennai
7th Rapid review and revision course in Peridontology & Implantology
Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.
Preparatory Course for Dip. Imp RCS (ED)
Rajan Dental Institute, Chennai.
Current Perspectives in Periodontal Microbiology and Immunology
SRM Dental College,Chennai
  • Neoplastic Enlargement in the Esthetic Zone –a Case Report
  • Root Coverage With Prf Using Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel
    Technique-a case report
  • Nitin etal International Journal of Advanced Research on Oral Science
  • Vardhinietal International Journal of Advanced Research on Oral Science
Awards from various social bodies


Talent of the Year Award
Indian Dentist Research and Review (IDRR)

For the work performed on enhancing surface characteristics on Titanium implants to enhance osteointegration potential with expertise from scientists at I.I.T, Madras.

November 2015

Key note speaker TAMPA
Life line Hospitals
Social Activities
  • Conducted free screening and diagnostic camps at Villivakkam Government High School with Lions International.
  • Conducted free treatment camps at St. Paul’s Old Age Home with Lions International.
  • Conducted Mega Screening and treatment camp at Kollathur, in due of Chennai floods, on Dec 2015 with Rotary Central.
  • Started Tobacco intervention initiative on May 31, 2016 with Lions Intl.