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First time in India, LIMA Hospital performs a unique surgery

  • The Surgery is First in India, and among the first few in the world
  • Performed Endoscopic Thyroglossal Cyst Surgery to 19 year old young female patient
  • The expert team of doctors from LIMA led by Dr. J. S. Rajkumar, Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon, LIMA performed this surgery

Chennai, 24th March, 2017 – LIMA, a unit of RIGID Hospitals pvt ltd. – one of the leading hospital providing cutting edge medical and surgical technologies has created a breakthrough in the history of Indian surgery by conducting a unique surgical procedure. The Endoscopic surgical procedure performed at LIMA was the first step towards introduction of such advanced techniques in laparoscopy. This is the first time that this procedure has been successfully performed in India.

For the first time in India, the expert team of doctors from LIMA led by Dr. J. S. Rajkumar, Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon, performed Endoscopic Thyroglossal Cyst Surgery to a 19 year old young female patient with such cyst in Chennai. This surgery is considered among first few in the World. There have been one or two reports from Korea and Brazil in the rest of the world

Thyroglossal Cyst is a rare condition which causes the patient to have a round swelling in the neck. This is connected to the thyroid gland below (thyro) and is connected by a long tract to the tongue above (glossal). These cysts need to be removed as there can be infection or cancer if left untreated.

The usual treatment of such a cyst is to slash the neck, and remove it. This leaves a long scar in the neck, and sometimes two cuts are required, leaving unsightly scars.

A cyst needs to be removed, along with the tract that goes down to the thyroid gland, and up to the tongue. This involves the removal of a lot of tissue.

Briefing on the occasion, Dr. J. S. Rajkumar, Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon, LIMA said, “as the pioneers in Keyhole / Endoscopic surgery, the LIMA surgeons performed this operation without a scar in the neck. The surgeons approached the thyroid from the breast and created a tunnel through which they reached the thyroid gland. Then, they tracked the entire disease process from the thyroid up to the cyst and continued up to the mouth where they separated it from the tongue.”

The Patient made a very smooth recovery. This procedure leaves no scare on the neck as in the case with the conventional method of operation.

On the occasion, 19 year old female patient and her parents spoke on their experience.

About LIMA

LIMA offers you surgeries with latest innovative techniques, done through very tiny incisions, leaving behind minimal or no scar at all. Surgeries are performed by our highly skilled and well trained surgical team headed by Dr. J.S Rajkumar, one of the pioneers in laparoscopic procedures with an experience of more than 26000 surgeries, with special expertise in highly complex procedures.