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For decades, surgeons have been successfully sending diabetes to remission through a simple surgery that re-configures the digestive tract. It is widely believed that the surgery changes the profile of the digestive hormones in the body, thereby sends diabetes to remission.

The side effects of the surgery is limited to deficiency of vitamins and minerals. This can be easily corrected using inexpensive supplementation. Which far outweighs the “side effects” of not having the surgery, namely multi-organ failures and accelerated death.

Diabetic Surgery (also called Metabolic Surgery) is the only scientifically proven method to send diabetes to remission. All other options merely help you to slow down the decline.

How is Diabetes Reversed

As mentioned above, diabetic surgery is the only scientifically proven procedure to send diabetes into remission. The surgery achieves it by:

  • Shrinking he size of the stomach (reduces the production of stomach hormones)
  • Bypassing the initial part of the small intestine called duodenum (deactivates the fore-gut)
  • Optionally, interchanging the fore-gut with the hind-gut (optimizes the digestive hormones)

Here are three main variations of diabetic surgery

  • Connector.Connector.

    RnY: Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

    This is gold-standard of diabetic surgery. It reduces the stomach to the size of a ball and then connects later part of duodenum to the reduced stomach. This is typically used on diabetic individuals who are obese.

  • Connector.Connector.

    MGB: Mini Gastric Bypass

    This is a variation of Roux-en-Y. It reduces the stomach to a sleeve-like shape and connects it to the small intestine at a farther point. This is typically used on diabetic individuals who are obese. After this surgery, the individuals can eat more liberally.

  • Connector.Connector.

    SG-IT: Sleeve Gastrectomy + Ileal Transposition

    This is a variation of MGB. The stomach is reduced to a sleeve-like shape. But the connection between the stomach and small intestine is not touched. Instead, the small nearer and farther segments of the small intestine are interchanged. This surgery is performed on normal weight individuals.

Treatment Window

Diabetes is accelerated death. Even when it is well controlled.

Diabetes almost always leads to microangiopathy, which leads to failure of end-organs like eyes, kidney, heart, toes, finger tips, etc. Recent research also show that diabetes increases the chances of cancer.

The only way to avoid all these diabetic complications is to not be diabetic.

Care After Diabetic Surgery

Diabetic Surgery doesn’t make one bullet proof. It merely reverses the metabolic status of the body to pre-diabetic condition. After this reversal, if the individual continues to live a disciplined life, they can avoid becoming diabetic once again. Thereby, they can forever avoid diabetic complications.

VIDEO: laparoscopic minigastric bypass surgery

Diabetic Surgery FAQ

Surgeries that are used for weight reduction are called bariatric surgery. RnY and MGB surgeries can also be used for weight reduction. However, SG-IT cannot be used as a braiatric surgery.
Metabolic Surgery is the umbrella term used for diabetic and bariatric surgeries.
You will end up spending two to three nights at the hospital and get back to normal life in about a week from surgery.
After RnY and MGB, you will need to take vitamin and mineral supplements for rest of your life.
Yes, but in limited quantity. Remember, this surgery doesn’t make you bulletproof. It merely gives you another lease of life. If you continue to eat like a diabetic or pre-diabetic, you can avoid getting this disease ever again.
To use video games parlance, diabetic surgery doesn’t put you in God mode. It merely gives you another life by taking your body to where it was before the surgery. So, if you treat your body the same way you treated it before you became diabetic, you are likely to become diabetic again.

Diabetic Surgery Specialists

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